Curriculum Spotlight: Dance for Parkinson's

Curriculum Spotlight: Dance for Parkinson’s

The essence of dance is joy! And our experience shows that dance benefits everyone!

Dance for Parkinson’s classes allow people with Parkinson’s to experience the joys and benefits of dance while creatively addressing symptom-specific concerns related to balance, cognition, motor skill, depression and physical confidence.

No dance experience is required. All levels of mobility are accommodated. Classes are $5 for people with Parkinson’s. Caregivers, spouses or partners are encouraged to join the class for free.

This class is resuming on Tuesday, August 22nd after a brief summer break. We meet on Tuesdays from noon until 1pm. Come dance with us!

Still Pointe would like to thank Larry Kahn of PD Gladiators, Kitty Chin of Sovereign Rehabilitation, and Dance for PD® for their encouragement and support.

Day of Dance-August 19th!

We are almost 1 week away from the start of our 12th Season at Still Pointe! 

To kick things off, we are having our annual Day of Dance on August 19th from 10am until 4pm*!!!

What: A whole day of classes!!! Technique, Jumps, Turns, Pointe/Pre-Pointe, Contemporary, and Jazz
Who: All students who have taken 2 days a week or more (Ballet IIA and up) 
Cost: $35 per dancer
Why: Because we simply can't dance enough! 


*Bring your own lunch :) 

For younger students or those new to Still Pointe: 

If you have any leotards, skirts, or shoes that your child has grown out of and you would like to donate, this would be the perfect time to drop it off! 

If you and your child are new to the studio, you are welcome to drop by and get the lay of the land! 

Mrs. Rogers will still be in Maryland cuddling the sweetest 3 week old grandbaby, but all of the rest of your favorite Still Pointe teachers will be there! 

We simply can't wait to see you all again soon! 

Curriculum Spotlight: Storybook Ballet

Curriculum Spotlight: Storybook Ballet

Without a doubt, this class remains our pride and joy. Born out of the desire to offer a class of substance to the youngest of dancers, we carefully developed this curriculum to introduce the littles to the classic ballet stories and the joy of becoming a dancer. This offering engages the imagination and teaches the elements of telling stories through dance; costumes, sets, music, and movement. These 45 minute classes for 3 and 4 year olds are always the first on our schedule to fill. This year Storybook Ballet is offered on Tuesdays at 3:30 and Thursdays at 3:30. The cost per term (11 weeks) is $148.

Curriculum Spotlight: ASPIRE

Curriculum Spotlight: ASPIRE

We’ve loved being the coaches and cheerleaders for a number of dancers who dream to pursue dance beyond high school. Characterized by individualized class schedules, we strive to give dancers the instruction and guidance they need to reach their goals. We’ve had students accepted to prestigious summer and year round residential ballet programs as well as being accepted as dance majors at the college level. We delight in their successes knowing that their futures are bright. Our ASPIRE program is meeting the needs of dancers from ages 10-17. We will have an informational meeting for parents of potential ASPIRANTS on Saturday, August 5th. Let us know if your dancer is dreaming big dreams!

Photo credit: Matthew Bird Studio

Photo credit: Matthew Bird Studio

Curriculum Spotlight: Still Pointe's Unique Point of View

Curriculum Spotlight: Still Pointe’s Unique Point of View

Sometimes we are asked, “Do you offer ‘praise dance’ classes?”

At Still Pointe, we believe all of life should be a dance of praise. We believe that serving, sowing, loving, learning, and leaning are all acts of worship and are just as meaningful as dancing to a Christian song in front of a congregation. Our desire is to teach girls and young women, boys and young men how to dance. If God has placed a love for movement and music in a student’s heart then He will also provide an avenue for using that gift to bring glory. There are countless ways that a person can participate in dance as a vocation or avocation. Our job is to equip --- technically, artistically, and spiritually. And, each of us at Still Pointe embraces that job with great joy!

Curriculum Spotlight: Intermediate Ballet for Middle & High School Students

Friendships formed while working together on a production are sweet and strong.

Friendships formed while working together on a production are sweet and strong.

Like all good pre-professional schools, we teach all levels of ballet from a written curriculum. So, what if you didn’t start ballet as a preschooler or even in elementary school?

Curriculum Spotlight: Intermediate Ballet for Middle & High School Students

We love the opportunity to welcome an older beginner who may have engaged in a number of interests before deciding to explore ballet. We teach this class at an intermediate level though most of the students have had very limited exposure to ballet. Cognitively, the older beginner can grasp the concepts of ballet more quickly than the elementary aged child. It is a delight to see an older beginner fall in love with ballet, sometimes leading them to discover a new passion.  Intermediate Ballet will meet on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:15. The cost per term (11 weeks) is $247.

Placement Classes for Experienced Dancers New To Still Pointe

If you are waiting in the wings and ready to join the Still Pointe Family, there are just 4 more placement classes available before the start of our new season on August 21st. The following are ballet technique classes that experienced dancers may take to determine placement at Still Pointe:

Tuesday, July 18 from 3:00-4:30
Thursday, July 20 from 3:00-4:30
Tuesday, July 25 from 3:00-4:30
Thursday, July 27 from 3:00-4:30

Please call before you come!

Be Our Guest!

Last week was all about our older dancers. This week it's all about the littlest ones! Our studios are flowing with 24 dancers and 11 counselors for Beauty and the Beast Camp. The sweetness, the giggles, the fun, and friendships make camp week memorable for years to come.  And, on the 4th day of camp, we always have a tea party!

Still Pointe's Summer Intensive Schedule

School's out for the summer! But, there is still lots to learn!

Summer Intensive is just around the corner! A chance to dance the whole day long! New styles, new teachers, and that oh so sweet my-muscles-are-killing-me feeling! 

Summer Intensive at Still Pointe will be held June 12-16th from 10am-4pm each day. Students will be divided into two groups on the first day and take part in one of the following two schedules: 


Monday and Wednesday
10:00-10:45: Ballet Barre with Peter Doll
10:50-1:00: Contemporary/Contemporary Pointe with Allison Gupton
1:00-2:00: Lunch and Devotional
2:00-4:00 Flamenco with Martha Sidhamed

Tuesday and Thursday
10:00-12:00: Ballet Technique with Peter Doll
12:00-1:00: Pas de Deux with Peter Doll and Sean Steigerwald
1:00-2:00: Lunch and Devotional
2:00-3:00: Improv with Allison Gupton
3:00-4:00: Jazz with Sean Steigerwald

10:00-12:00: Ballet Technique with Peter Doll
12:00-1:00: Variations with Peter Doll
1:00-2:00: Lunch and Devotional
2:00-3:45: Contemporary with Allison Gupton
3:45: Review for friends and family


Monday and Wednesday
10:00-10:45: Contemporary with Allison Gupton
10:50-12:30: Ballet Technique with Peter Doll
12:30-1:00: Repertoire
1:00-2:00: Lunch and Devotional
2:00-4:00: Flamenco with Martha Sidhamed

Tuesday and Thursday
10:00-11:45: Contemporary with Allison Gupton
11:45-1:00: Jazz with Allison Gupton
1:00-2:00: Lunch and Devotional
2:00-4:00: Ballet Technique with Peter Doll

10:00-11:30: Ballet Technique with Maggie Boggs
11:30-12:30: Repertoire with Maggie Boggs
12:30-1:00: Conditioning with Maggie Boggs
1:00-2:00: Lunch and Devotional
2:00-3:45: Musical Theater with Jessie Carey
3:45: Review for friends and family

Sign up for Summer Intensive HERE before prices go up and spots are gone! 
The cost is $270.

Check back this week for more information on all of our fabulous guest teachers!