Kelsey Hill

Kelsey has been completely enchanted by ballet since her 6th birthday, when her Nana gave her a pair of pointe shoes to hang as decoration and inspiration in her bedroom. And if her Mom asks, she still has NO idea how the satin on the toes got snagged because she NEVER wore them around the house before she knew what she was doing... Kelsey continued developing her passion for dance throughout high school and entered college as a Dance Major at the University of Georgia. At UGA she became a member of the pre-professional UGA Ballet Ensemble. With the Ballet Ensemble, Kelsey had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain, and while in Barcelona Kelsey reaffirmed her love for the Spanish language and culture. She graduated in 2009 with a BA in Spanish, and immediately began working at Still Pointe.

At Still Pointe, Kelsey has been very fortunate to learn from Eleanor’s expertise in the field of teaching ballet, while also pursuing her other passion—teaching Spanish. She earned her MA in Teaching from the University of Georgia in 2014 and teaches in Forsyth County Schools to help pass the time in between her classes at Still Pointe. While working in the schools, she met her new husband Kyle, who is not a dancer, but a football coach! Opposites attract, right?

When not at the studio, you can probably find Kelsey, Kyle, and their really cute dogs, Sadie and Haley, relaxing together or working around the house. Although relaxation these days looks a little different as Kelsey welcomed a baby girl in the summer of 2019!