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Classes at Still Pointe This Week

  • Still Pointe Dance Studios 1675 Peachtree Parkway Cumming United States (map)

We open at 3:15 Monday through Thursday! On most days, someone is at the desk and can answer questions you may have.

We encourage families who are interested in what we do at Still Pointe to email us. We’ll set up a time for you to observe a class. Prospective students are welcome to get to know us better by taking a free trial class.

Classes at Still Pointe This Week

3:30-4:30: Ballet 2A
3:30-4:30: Ballet 2B
4:30-6:00: Ballet 2C
4:30-5:30: Boys!
5:30-6:00: Pre-Pointe for 3A/3B
6:00-8:00: Ballet 4
6:00-7:00: Contemporary for Levels 2C & 3A
7:00-9:00: Ballet 5+
8:00-9:00: Contemporary for Level 4

12:00-1:00: Dance for Parkinson’s
1:30-2:15: Storybook Ballet
3:30-4:30: Private Lesson
3:30-4:15: Storybook Ballet
4:30-5:30: Ballet 1A (Royal Blue)
4:30-5:30: Private Lesson
5:30-7:00: Ballet 3A
5:30-8:30: Ballet 5
7:00-8:30: Ballet 3B
8:30-9:00: Beginning Pointe for 3B

3:30-4:30: Ballet 1A (Royal Blue)
3:30-4:30: Ballet 2A
4:30-5:30: Ballet 1B (Purple)
4:30-5:30: Ballet 2B
5:30-7:00: Ballet 2C
5:30-7:00: Ballet 3A
7:00-9:00: Ballet 4
7:00-9:00: Contemporary for level 5

10:00-11:00: Line Dancing for Parkinson’s
3:30-4:30: Ballet Basics B (Light Blue)
3:30-4:15: Storybook Ballet
4:30-5:30: Ballet Basics A (Lilac)
4:30-5:30: Ballet 1B (Purple)
5:30-7:30: Ballet 5
5:30-6:30: Contemporary for Level 3B
6:30-8:00: Ballet 3B
7:30-8:30: Private Lesson
7:30-8:30: Dance & Fusion Fitness for Adults and Teens (On hiatus. Call if you are interested!)

5:00-6:30: Ballet 4

10:30-1:00: Ballet 5

Earlier Event: April 14
Classes at Still Pointe This Week
Later Event: April 28
Classes at Still Pointe This Week