A Moment of Worship

A post by Kelly Negvesky, mom of two ballet V students. 

In the womb she seemed to always be moving and when she breathed deep on this globe, I recognized the movements. So, no surprise that she spoke to us often in movement. She learned her alphabet running from letter to letter on the stairs in our house. And if music sounded on the airwaves, she wafted through her daily life moving to it. Always, moving to it.

Creative movement dance class at the age of 4 seemed a given. The dance teacher instructed me that the class was more for me than her. Partly true, she moved so much and a creative space to learn to do that without knocking over an aisle display seemed wise.  But the journey into worship that she would draw me into with each performance proved an unexpected delight.

When I embarked on this mom journey, I spent a lot of time processing what I wanted these offspring, these adults to-one-day-be, to look like when they present themselves on the world’s stage. I wanted productive, diligent, dynamic people that lived a life shining the glory of their God. Who would believe that I’d find the ballet studio to be the ultimate training ground to help develop just such character?

From 4 year old creative movement to the heights of pointe work, I have watched my daughters wrestle kindness, perseverance, trustworthiness, and teamwork. Watched them dig deep to find gratitude when they were not cast in a primary role; offer true congratulations to the one who did. Take the time to include and draw out a ballerina that feels her body type or abilities fall short of where she wants to be.

It has been a blessing to find instructors passionate about the heart and soul of the girl over her center stage potential and ultimately her reflective nature on the studio. These instructors do exist and move after move it has taken but a little prayer to uncover these unique teachers, unique studios. If you are wondering, Still Pointe is just such a place.

Each dance year culminates in that final recital. I claim a seat front and center in a generic auditorium and take in this year’s growth and development, glittery costumes and props. But when the music plays, I realize the music and movement is drawing me to a place most holy, when the dancer becomes a conduit that beckons me into the throne room of a King and the Holy Spirit indwells this generic auditorium. It is a moment of worship most unique.