It's Personal

"This book is not meant to replace direct instruction," writes Agnes de Mille in the forward to her book To a Young Dancer, published in 1962. "Good teaching depends for its effect on the personal relationship between teacher and pupil and must, in every case, be careful and special. For personal relationship there can be no substitute, and indeed there should be none; it is the essence of inspiration." 

Even before the world of the internet and the self-taught era of youtube, de Mille was pointing out the importance of finding a teacher with whom a student can work well. Simply reading about technique or watching videos, though potentially helpful as a tool, are no substitute for a teacher who can see your flaws and is on your team. At Still Pointe, our teachers are dedicated to helping each student reach his or her full potential. We are aware of the uniqueness of individuals, including unique bodies and unique minds. Whether a student has a strong, inflexible body or is hypermobile, a teacher is there to guide them. Whether a student loves to be pushed or whether they require a more gentle approach, a teacher is there to walk beside them in their journey. 

We are proud of our staff and their dedication to not just give a class, but to teach class and to invest in their students' lives.