Recent Graduate: Francesca Rossi

Recent Graduate: Francesca Rossi

The end of Still Pointe’s 10th season was brimming with rehearsals, celebrations, changes, performances, and love. We have not wanted to say good bye to this season and especially to our 3 seniors. Recent graduate, Francesca Rossi, answered some questions that reveal a little about her time at Still Pointe. We are happy that Francesca won’t be too far away, pursuing pre-med studies at Emory University with plans to explore research. We send you into this new chapter of your life with our love and warmest wishes. We hope to see you in Saturday class when you aren’t too busy!

How long have you danced? How many years did you spend at Still Pointe?
I have danced for 15 years, 7 of which I have spent at Still Pointe.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Still Pointe?
I have so many memories at Still Pointe, but some of my favorite come from performance days. My favorite Still Pointe tradition is the pinky prayer circle that occurs before and after performances. I remember making the pinky prayer circle before the Snow White performance in 2011 and thinking it was the sweetest tradition for everybody to come together in the pandemonium before a show and settle our nerves while thanking and glorifying the Lord. It is an incredible feeling to be settled down by this prayer that unifies all of Still Pointe literally because of our connected pinkies but also because of our common faith. It is a beautiful sight to see the pinky prayer circle form from loud, exciting chaos, and I remember getting emotional during my last pinky prayer circle before the last showing of Gerda and the Snow Queen 2016, reminiscing and thinking about how much I would miss this.

What was your favorite part of class?
My favorite part of class would have to be when Mrs. Rogers or any other teacher strikes up a really interesting and slightly challenging combination that makes us really determined to succeed. The kind of combination that may yield 3 or 4 trails, but the whole time everyone is carefully watching and congratulating their classmates when somebody gets it. I also love Contemporary with Mrs. Kayla when she has a specific goal or agenda for that day, like when she says, “Today WE ARE FINISHING THE DANCE!” There is a certain exciting energy shared by everyone on those days, and it feels amazing once we finally finish that dance, or get those fouettés perfectly in-sync, or get that contraction to match the music perfectly. It’s just an amazing feeling.

What is your favorite kind of dance to watch? Do you have a favorite ballet?
I think a lot of different types of dance are very interesting to watch. I think classical ballet is really fun to watch because of the precision, tradition, beauty, and grace. It all just comes together to create an amazingly impressing performance that my eyes cannot stray from-it’s pretty mesmerizing. But I also love watching more contemporary or modern dances because of the way that the dancers connect with the music, and the movement is so not-traditional and experimental that it too is mesmerizing! I think I love watching these dances the most because they are the styles that I hold closest to my heart.

And a favorite ballet… I love a ballet that is theatrical and provides a dramatic show so call me cliché but I love Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find a lot of inspiration in music. Dance and music are the ultimate pair, so often I find myself compelled to dance when a certain song strikes a chord within me. When given choreography, I find inspiration in how the emotion from the music relates to my own life. I channel the emotion and I can feel myself truly performing.

What lessons from dance will you take into your future?
I think that dance trains you to be obedient and patient, just from waiting at the barre for a combination or waiting for your placement in choreography. My boss told me that she met a ballet dancer and she reminded her of me, and I thought it had to be the common poise and patience that we all seem to develop. Dance exhibits hard work at its finest, and I have learned through dance what it is like to put in hard work and reap the benefits later on. I have also learned to be confident in myself through dance. Still Pointe is not an overly competitive environment like other stereotypical dance studios so it has been a wonderful place to grow as a young girl. Here I was not pressured to be the best at everything and feel crushed when something didn’t go my way. I realized that we all have our strengths and weaknesses, in dance and any other aspect of our lives, and focusing on your strengths is what will give you that confidence.

I would also like to thank everyone at Still Pointe for giving me a wonderful 7 years. I have grown an incredible amount during this time, and I have been blessed to have been able to grow in such a loving environment surrounded by such inspiring people. I love you all!

And, we love you, Francesca! You are a gentle, brilliant, sweet, and determined woman. God bless you and be with you!!!