Thankful for a Great Beginning

Written by Larry Kahn, Executive Director of PD Gladiators and instrumental in Dance for Parkinson's being offered at Still Pointe.

Still Pointe's newest offering, Dance for Parkinson's, enjoyed a wonderful inaugural class. This is how community-based exercise programs are supposed to work! Kitty Chin, a physical therapist with a large Parkinson's practice, had a vision for her patients to keep exercising in a safe, fun and sustainable program after rehab. She enlisted the aid of patient advocates PD Gladiators (PDG) and community partners Eleanor and Rob Rogers of Still Pointe. PDG obtained fundi
ng from the National Parkinson Foundation for the Rogers' training with the Mark Morris Dance Group in NY. The Rogers welcomed the PD community with a very modestly-priced and enthusiastically-produced program, and Kitty, PDG, the NPF and the American Parkinson Disease Association - Georgia Chapter helped get the word out to the Parkinson's community. We all have to work together.

From Eleanor: And, work together we did! We were encouraged by the positive feedback from all the participants after our first 2 classes. We will be meeting every Tuesday from noon until 1pm. Come join us!